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Florida's Bright Futures Scholarship

A Florida program funded by Lottery dollars, it was designed to encourage our brightest students to attend Florida Colleges and Universities.  The scholarship is awarded to Florida high school graduates who meet academic and community service requirements and attend a Florida two-year or four-year College (may be public or private college).  Family income is NOT considered.

Specific Requirements

State Site for Frequently Asked Questions

Application Timeline

How do I apply?

  • Graduating students must apply December 1-June 1 of Senior Year.  Click here to access the online application.
  • The FAFSA form must also be completed January 1-June 1 of Senior Year.  Click here to access the FAFSA website.

How do I know if I am awarded a scholarship?

Applications are evaluated twice during a student’s senior year to determine eligibility.
  • First evaluation occurs in January, following first semester of senior year.  Service learning hours must be on file January 10 for this first evaluation.  Students should receive email notification of scholarship.
  • Final evaluation occurs in June, following graduation.  All service learning hours must be on file by graduation.  The May/June SAT/ACT tests are the last scores possible for qualification.  Students and colleges will be notified.

Check your transcript and eligibility (does not substitute for official notification).   Click on “High School Students.”