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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is affected by the law?   All high school students who enter 9th grade in the 2011-2012 school year or later must successfully complete one course in a virtual program to meet this requirement.

What classes will meet this requirement?   Earning credit for one complete high school course, whether that course is semester or year-long will meet this requirement.   Courses such as Drivers Education, Psychology and Economics are designed to be 0.5 credits; successfully completing that 0.5 credit in a virtual program will meet the graduation requirement.  However for classes designed to be 1.0 credit, such as English II, World History or HOPE, students must pass both semesters of the course in a virtual program to meet the graduation requirement.  An Eastern Florida State College Dual Enrollment course successfully completed through online learning (eCampus) will also meet the virtual requirement.

 When can a student enroll in a virtual class to meet the graduation requirement?  A student can fulfill the requirement anytime in grades 6-12 as long as the course is at the high school level.  Courses may be taken during the school year or summer.

 How do students register?   Students should meet with their school guidance counselor to be advised about appropriate courses and registration procedures. 

 What if a student is enrolled in a Brevard Virtual or Florida Virtual class and decides to withdraw from that class?   If a virtual class is part of a student’s school day schedule that class must be replaced immediately with a class on campus at the High School. 

 What computer equipment is needed to take a course at home?    As long as you have a computer with reliable Internet access, you can take courses. While it is possible to take courses with dial-up connectivity, it will take a little longer for pages to load.