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Virtual School Options

Brevard students have many opportunities for virtual learning.  The opportunities below represent the publically funded (tuition free) options.

Brevard Virtual

Brevard virtual is your local virtual school provider.  We combine quality online curriculum with instruction from amazing BPS teachers.  It is our honor to serve the needs of Brevard's public and home education students.

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Part-Time Enrollment
Brevard Virtual offers students 6th-12th grade courses through our franchise of Florida Virtual School.  We utilize the online curriculum of FLVS taught by local, BPS teachers.  Students can participate in our local franchise by following these enrollment directions (click here).  Our courses can be used to satisfy the online course requirement for graduation.  For more information, use the left navigation bar to explore our program offerings.

BVS is also proud to offer instruction to home education students.  To learn more, click here

Full-Time Enrollment
Brevard Virtual offers students the opportunity to enroll full-time in grades K-12.  To learn more about full-time enrollment, click here.  

Florida Virtual School

Students in the state of Florida may also elect to enroll in Florida Virtual School Part-Time or Full-Time.  To learn more about the Florida Virtual School enrollment options, click here